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Personalization, Flexibility, & Fun!

I believe the best way I can support my students is to help them
build confidence in their language abilities

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Spanish, English/EFL/ESL, & French

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Academic Prep

One-on-One or in Groups

In these sessions, we can focus on schoolwork, writing, or exam preparation (Cambridge, DELE, etc.). You will receive a consultation to evaluate your strengths, identify which areas need help, and set goals. Depending on your needs, we will create a personalized plan together.
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"Book" Club

One-on-One or in Groups


This class was inspired by one of my students, and is great for intermediate to advanced learners.

Choose between a novel, TV/streaming series, short stories, etc., and we'll discuss the plot, vocabulary, and cultural context.
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One-on-One or in Groups

These lessons focus specifically on improving conversational skills, which include both listening and speaking. We can focus on pronunciation, intonation, or just chat, focusing on whatever you'd like to practice most.
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Shoot me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can

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